School is out; happy summer holidays

One of my favorite things about architecture is how deeply engrained into our culture it is; how easy it is to distinguish a school building from a courthouse, a store, etc.

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This building must be the oldest brick school building in the area. On top of that it is beautiful, being rather formal but with lots of great detail (click for the enlargement and click again to enjoy some of that detail). William Tuff Whiteway (1856–1940), one of BC’s top architects was the designer. Initially he moved around a lot, which probably means that he was somewhat controversial. One of the things he was criticized for was working with a Mr Chow who was not licensed as an architect due to not being white. The bottom line is that his work definitely has survived him very nicely.

Duncan Elementary1

Duncan Elementary3

Duncan Elementary5

Duncan Elementary6

Duncan Elementary7

Duncan Elementary8

Wandering through Vancouver or Victoria this architect’s work can be seen all over the place and it is great to have an example of  his oeuvre in my small town home Duncan.

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