251 update

The project we’re currently working on in studio went completely over my head when our professor first introduced it. What does a 2004 Sandra Bullock movie have to do with architecture? And even through the first sub-assignment I felt like I was doing a film school project rather than one for architecture. But I’ve come to the realization that you can’t isolate any design field. They all overlap, and just because this assignment might be related to cinema and film doesn’t mean it’s NOT related to architecture. It’s hard to keep that in mind sometimes, especially when some late nights (or early mornings–whichever you want to call them) I wish I was just drawing a building. Architecture is a lot more than that, though. And without exploring other areas of design you miss out on a lot of learning and a lot of potential sources for future inspiration. A lot of my struggle with more theoretical projects like this one comes from simply getting overwhelmed by reading the assignment brief. I mean, come on, an emotional-material-tectonic palette? What the hell does that even mean? (I’m still not sure I get it) But after talking the assignment over with my professor I’m feeling a little better about it. There are a lot of overarching themes present in the movie Crash (racism, stereotyping, trust, and self-preservation to name a few) that i’m actually really passionate about and looking forward to being able to express through my work.



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